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Fratty Fashion

For those of you who don’t go to schools quite as “fratty” as Emory, you might not be aware of just how hardcore some people dress for themed frat parties. While most people get into the theme a little and will wear a few themed accessories here and there, every year there are certain brave (and naïve) freshmen girls who literally transform themselves in the name of the themed party (however humiliating the theme might be). Believe it or not…last year at Emory, my friends and I were those girls.

Themed frat parties are a great excuse for crazy clothes, hair, makeup, and accessories! Check out some of my favorite themed party looks from last year!









Toga, Toga, Toga! My friend and I spent hours on our togas only to lose them five minutes into the party, leaving us with nothing but our bandeaus and bandage skirts. Major party foul!









Pajama party! There was nothing better than walking to the frat in furry Ugg slippers rather than in our usual sky high heels. (Not sure why I’m not in the group pic, but there I am in the elevator!)











Corporate hoes and CEO’s! This was not my favorite theme, mostly because I ain’t no hoe and I don’t like business-casual attire, but my sister was visiting so I got into it! Even though SHE didn’t, such a UMiami girl!











It looks like we wore those outfits to a Devil and Angel themed party, but we were actually at an all white themed party! We just heard that another frat was having a Devil and Angel party that night, so we pretended we came to the all white party straight from the other frat. Oopsie! We felt a tad uncomfortable, but we rocked it!











Ah, the red light district party. Not even going to beat around the bush, we all really looked like prostitutes. Kind of embarrassing looking back, but me and my friend shopping for those garters in an Atlanta sex shop is something I will never forget!









Yay, Christmas! Holiday themed parties are always fun! Also the irony of us leaving Chabad and going straight to CVS to buy those Santa hats is not lost on me! (BTW, I’m aware of how odd my facial expression is in this pic!)










The trailer trash bash! I had so much fun rocking my cross necklace, hoop earrings, pigtails, and bright blue eyeshadow. Not to mention the scrunchies, white wifebeater, and jean shorts! Everyone killed it that night, so much fun!





Use themed parties as a chance to wear something you would never wear before (or again), and make sure to take LOTS of pictures!


Movie Review: The Debt

Oh. My. God. Those were the only three words going through my mind the entire time I was watching the most outstanding movie I have seen in a while, The Debt. While I’m usually only interested in chick flicks and instantly love any movie that starts with a shot of a cliquey high school hallway, this film was an exception. I watched it last night with my mom, and it was one of those movies that has you thinking long and hard about it hours after you finish watching. It’s hard to summarize it without giving too much away, but basically it is about three Israeli soldiers who go to Berlin in 1966 to kidnap a Nazi in hiding and bring him back to Israel for trial, and the domino effect of events that occur after they get there. The movie is split between the events that transpire in 1960’s Berlin, and the characters looking back on their story (and their secrets) in 1997 Tel Aviv. It sounds boring, I know, and if I had just read that description before seeing the film I would never give it a chance. I was totally not interested until about 25 minutes in, but once I got into it there was no pulling me away from the screen. The film stars Jessica Chastain and Helen Mirren (as the older version of Chastain’s character), two beautiful and very gifted actresses at the top of their game. Jessica Chastain won eight awards for her performance, and believe me, they were well deserved. Look for the next time they are playing The Debt on your guide and record it. You will experience a moving story that will genuinely affect you, and that you won’t soon forget.

Laguna Beach vs. Jersey Shore

I was re-watching episodes of Laguna Beach the other day, and a lot of thoughts were going through my mind. First of all, I can’t believe that as a tween I was team LC. She is so whiny and annoying, not to mention delusional that she thought she had a chance with Stephen when he was so clearly in love with Kristen. Also, thank god I wasn’t a teenager in the early 2000’s… jean skirts and Abercrombie t-shirts? So not my style. But I also started feeling nostalgic about “the old MTV”. I know that all of the older people reading this are thinking that I am talking about the MTV that actually played music videos, but I’m not. Let’s be honest, I’m way too young to even know what that was like. I’m talking about the MTV that featured grounded, (kind of) classy young adults expressing themselves. I know that Laguna Beach was hardly an intellectual and introspective TV show, but in the first season it showed LC pursuing her fashion career, Christina pursuing her music, and Trey hosting open-mic events where teens could feel they have a voice. Another older MTV show that came to mind is the show Made, where teens were given a chance to either change something negative about themselves, or pursue a dream they never thought would become reality. These shows were entertaining, but also had at least a little bit of depth.







When I look at the reality shows on MTV today, they make me cringe. When I think about the fact that tweens are watching Jersey Shore, 16 & Pregnant, and Teen Mom, I imagine that they can’t help but imitate the behavior they are watching. I remember in middle school when my friends and I would watch Laguna Beach together and try to straighten our hair and do our makeup like the girls of the OC did on the show. Are middle school girls today aspiring to be like Snooki and Deena? When did trashy behavior become the only form of entertainment on reality TV? Isn’t it telling that the theme song for Laguna Beach was “Come Clean”, and the theme song for Jersey Shore is some weird chant about doing something crazy? Maybe Laguna Beach featured spoiled young adults, but I’d take that over trashy young adults any day. This is coming from someone who watches Jersey Shore, but I am old enough to laugh at the show rather than emulate it.









What do you think?


To go along with my last post about nails, I thought I’d share my newest nail polish obsession! I was recently introduced to the brand Illamasqua, and was AMAZED at how great the product is! They make unique neon and sparkly colors that are perfect for summer, as well as simpler colors ideal for every day. Most importantly, this polish really does not chip. Seriously, when I tried to bite my nails after first using it there was no getting through that polish. Of course this is a good thing, but for a severe nail biter this took some getting used to! They sell it at Sephora, or you can get it online. Enjoy the polish and the compliments that will come with it!

Nailed It

So I just started watching The Sopranos a couple weeks ago, for the first time ever. I know what you’re thinking: “You call yourself a TV buff and only JUST started watching The Sopranos?” It’s borderline embarrassing, but don’t worry, I’m already on the last season. Now, I’m sure when most people watch The Sopranos they notice the violence, blood, imagery, and character development…but not me. I noticed the nails.

I’ve always been obsessed with nails. If you ask my mom she will tell you how when I was four years old I used to put on the long, fake slip on nails they sell at CVS and tap my fingers on every hard surface. It might sound weird, but I think I have always noticed people’s nails because they say a lot about a person. Just like someone’s hair or clothes, they are a way for women to express themselves. So naturally when I started watching The Sopranos, I was drawn to Carmela and Adrianna’s long, acrylic, almost ghetto nails. But then I started thinking more about what nails not only say about individual women, but what they say about women in general.

When you watch Mad Men or The Sopranos, shows featuring misogynistic, self-obsessed, prostitute loving, male lead characters, you will notice that all the women have very long nails. Both Betty Draper and Carmela Soprano are blonde, passive housewives with nothing better to do than what I did as a four year old, tap their nails on the kitchen table. I know that on these “high concept”, award-winning shows, costume design is considered very carefully. So this made me wonder: are long nails a symbol of anti-feminism?


Then I looked back at a new HBO show that just finished its first season, Girls. I noticed that all of the characters, especially Jessa, perhaps the freest spirit among all of the characters, not only doesn’t have long nails, but her nails are very short and bitten down. Now, I’m not sure if Lena Dunham planned this (I doubt she did), but this is a very female oriented show, and all of the girls are independent with short nails.

As times are changing, are women wearing their nails shorter to assert their independence?

What do you think?

Getting Carried Away

Before you start reading this post, I feel I should leave a disclaimer that I love Sex and the City as much as the next girl. I started watching in tenth grade just before the first movie came out, and fell in love. I also think this show has had an undeniably remarkable impact on pop culture and on women in general and was genius in many ways. So this post isn’t about me judging Sex and the City… it’s about me judging everyone else.

I started watching a little bit of Bravo’s new show Miss Advised, about sex columnists who can’t find love, and started thinking about the effect Carrie Bradshaw still has on women today. Carrie Bradshaw was an amazing character that exemplified everything women want: to be skinny, pretty, fashionable, have great friends, a fun job, and gorgeous men asking you out left and right. She doesn’t really do much other than go out, eat, and have sex, yet she can afford all of the Manolo Blahniks her heart desires. Even though her life is a fantasy, akin to the life of Bella Swan in the Twilight series or Anatasia Steele in the Fifty Shades series, for some reason many women don’t view her as a character. They move to the city after college and expect their lives to be as glamorous as Carrie’s. They have the mentality that a pair of shoes will solve all of their problems, and writing or talking about their issues will make them go away in 30 minutes (just like they do in an episode of Sex and the City!).  Twitter and other social media websites make this even more easy, because now every 25 year old’s twitter is a Sex and the City column.

Here is my point: no one is a Charlotte, or a Miranda, or a Carrie, or especially a Samantha, just as no man is an Edward or a Jacob. Sex and the City was a fun show, but girls need to start looking deeper at themselves than Carrie Bradshaw ever did: “Is my relationship like a pair of shoes?”

What do you think?


Yves Saint Laurent Foundation

My current obsession (actually not so current, I’ve been obsessed with it for two years) is my Yves Saint Laurent foundation! I was introduced to it by my cousin and it really is the best. It covers up everything and is really gentle on my skin. I use the #6, but def go to a cosmetic counter and have them tell you which color is best for you. It’s $55 but lasts for months. Go get it!


Maxing Out

Alright, I’m just going to throw it out there: I don’t like summer fashion. I’d much rather throw on jeans with cute, thigh high boots, a bad ass leather jacket and a chic scarf than jean shorts with a boring t-shirt. Actually, while many of my fellow Emory fashionistas were bummed out when the weather got SO cold this year, I was secretly excited to have my mom ship me my boots and sweaters. But with a fashion internship in the city this summer, I knew I would have to find a way to still look and feel fashion forward even though I start sweating off my foundation the minute I step outside. This is when I discovered maxi dresses. I know, I know, they have been around for a while and are not a new fashion trend in the slightest. But I always thought they were reserved for tall, model-like body types, and me being only 5’1″, I treated them like I do fugly guys at frat parties: never even gave them a second glance. But one sweltering day in Anthropologie, I discovered that maxi dresses can work on munchkins like me! After trying on a few, I realized that (at least on me) they look best when they aren’t floor length, and show a little of my ankle (otherwise I looked like I was drowning in the dress). To avoid showing an awkwardly small bit of skin though, I paired them with gladiators for my brother’s graduation and looked fab! Rest assured it was chilly out that night, so I got to put my favorite leather jacket with it and the outfit felt even more pulled together. Also, pairing really girly pieces like maxi dresses with more punk accessories like my gladiators and leather jacket made the outfit much more edgy, and much more me.

Hello World!

Hi everyone! So excited to have just launched this blog! Look out for lots of new fun posts coming soon! xx


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