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American Horror Story

The other day I was introduced to the show Pretty Little Liars, and it was surprisingly much better than I thought it would be. However, the fact that people think that show is scary in any way, shape, or form, makes absolutely no sense to me. If people really want to see a scary show, they should watch American Horror Story. For those of you who didn’t watch last year, it doesn’t even matter: the plot and characters change every season. Last season featured a family who moved into a “haunted” (to say the least) house with a long and creepy history, and next season takes place in an insane asylum. Some of the actors from last season are coming back, but as completely new characters.

The show is campy, scary, and one of a kind. It comes back October 17th at 10 PM on Fox- tune in and prepare to pee your pants.


Friday Fashion: Preppy & Chic

Some of us love to dress preppy, but run the risk of looking old and boring. There are a couple easy tips for how to edge up your inner Charlotte York inspired by my new best twitter friend’s fashion, Liz Margulies’ of Gallery Girls (Bravo, Mondays, 10/9 c). I snagged some pics off of Liz’s Instagram (@LizMargulies) to show you how to be preppy AND chic.

Liz wears a hot pink skirt with her classic black and white collared shirt to edge up her outfit and keep it looking young and fresh. Infusing pops of bright, neon colors into your wardrobe is an easy way to stay fashion forward.

Adding a pop of color isn’t the only way to make a preppy outfit more trendy- here Liz adds texture with the leather on her skirt to give this ensemble some flare. Her studded clutch also gives the outfit a rocker touch.

A collared shirt with polka dots might sound too preppy and girly, but the fact that it is see through with a cami underneath keeps it current and risqué. Again, Liz adds a studded clutch which edges up her outfit even more.

Riding High

Although I wasn’t a huge fan of high school myself, I am a huge fan of high school movies. I love nothing more than watching cliques, cheerleading teams, and nerdy kids with braces come of age on the screen before me. Here are my top ten favorite high school movies of all time! What are yours?

  1. Mean Girls
  2. Fast Times at Ridgemont High
  3. Clueless
  4. Sixteen Candles
  5. Grease
  6. Superbad
  7. Can’t Buy Me Love
  8. Bring it On
  9. Election
  10. The Breakfast Club

Featured Fashionista: Liz

I normally wouldn’t make two similarly themed posts two days in a row, but in honor of tonight’s new ep of Gallery Girls (Bravo, 10/9 c) I decided to feature another fashionista I admire: Liz Margulies! Liz might seem like your typical New York betch, but her style is totally unique. Her look is very New York meets LA, because she combines classy and girly pieces with edgier, more bad-ass accessories. Her tattoos and piercings combined with a tight ballerina bun? Magic. She also works the big sunglasses like it’s nobody’s business. Here are some of my favorite looks by Liz, but you can always tune in and see for yourself on Gallery Girls! 

Featured Fashionista: Allie

When I decided to start doing posts featuring fashionistas that I admire, the first person that came to mind was my beautiful, successful, smart, and amazing cousin (basically older sis) Allie Lewbel! Allie is my biggest role model in general, but is also the person who inspired me to start loving fashion. I used to dress like a hippie granola girl until Allie basically told me to stop and be normal (LOL). The number one word I would use to describe her is a trendsetter, because everything she wears becomes popular months after she already started wearing it. Here are some of my favorite looks by Allie!

Gallery Messes

Real Housewives who? Gallery Girls is the newest show on Bravo TV bringing crazy eyes, drunk messes, oh and art, to your Monday nights. The show features a division between the Manhattan, uptight gallery girls and the Brooklyn, artsy, (bitchy) gallery girls. Honestly, I would recap the first episode but you really have to see it to understand its greatness. One highlight, off the top of my head, was when Chantal, a lovely 90 pound girl who wears red lipstick and loose dresses, got drunk at her store opening and started mumbling about “going to Key West to cheeeeel” while she wore a net over her face. Another highlight you ask? Perhaps when Amy, who redefines the terms “crazy eyes” and “botched nose-job”, got shwasted at a gallery dinner and revealed that she slept with Eli Klein (the gallery owner) in front of his intern (Maggie) who probably also slept with him. If you aren’t excited yet to watch this show then you are boring and don’t deserve to watch it anyway.

 Gallery Girls, Bravo, Mondays, 10 PM.

Polyamory: Married and Dating

I recently started watching the reality show Polyamory: Married and Dating on Showtime (Thursdays 11 PM), and let me tell you: it is insane. It documents two “relationships” in different parts of California: one is a “triad” consisting of a married couple and their girlfriend, and the other is a “pod” consisting of two married couples that just moved in together. Polyamory is the belief that love is limitless and monogamy is unnatural, which is why every person on the show has multiple lovers. Honestly, I thought through watching the show I could maybe begin to understand at least where these people are coming from, but the idea of polyamory still makes no sense to me. I can’t imagine sharing my boyfriend/ husband with other people and not being allowed to feel jealous (whenever someone on the show expresses the slightest bit of jealousy they are told that they are “going against the rules of poly” and “acting mono”). I’m usually pretty liberal about these types of things, but in this case I just can’t seem to wrap my mind around polyamory. Managing one relationship is hard enough, what would it be like to manage so many? What do you think?

Spice it Up

I’m just going to get right to it: The Spice Girls killed it at the closing ceremonies. I saw them in concert on their reunion tour when I was in high school and I thought they were amazing then, but this was even better. They sounded phenomenal singing a mash-up of “Wannabee” and “Spice Up Your Life”, and they looked INCREDIBLE. Seriously, I need all of their workout routines so my body can look as sick as theirs’ when I’m that age. When I was little I always wanted to be Baby Spice, but now that I’m older and have come to accept that my Jewish roots prevent me from ever having blonde hair and blue eyes, I think I’m more Posh. She’s also the most famous, went to the royal wedding, and is married to the hottest man alive, so I don’t think being her would be so bad. Here’s their performance if you haven’t seen it yet! My other thoughts during the closing ceremonies were: “I can’t wait to see Fatboy Slim again”, “Jessie J, please leave and don’t ever come back”, and “I’m really enjoying watching the mayor of London and prime minister of the United Kingdom rage together to Spice Girls”.

Click on this pic:


I expected to love the movie Ted for a couple of reasons. First of all, I love Family Guy and Seth MacFarlane’s sense of humor in general, so I knew the writing would be hilarious. Also, I am proud to say that I am almost twenty years old and still sleep with the same stuffed doll I have slept with since I was a baby. So yeah, I felt like I would probably get where this main character’s coming from. All in all, I went into the theater expecting to see a very funny movie. What I didn’t expect was that I would be laughing out loud (which I never do) the entire time, and also be touched by the story. I have so many favorite parts/ quotes from this movie, but my favorite is probably: “I told my weed guy to step it up and he gave me that… it’s called ‘Mind Rape’, it’s actually pretty mellow. He only had three other batches: ‘Gorilla Panic’, ‘They’re coming, they’re coming!’, and something called ‘This is permanent’.”

A Woman’s Right to Studded Shoes

Carrie Bradshaw once protested for a woman’s right to shoes- and I couldn’t agree more. My current obsession is anything and everything with studs, so here is some studded footwear I can’t get enough of!

My Sam Edelman studded loafers can be worn with anything and in any season. I wear them in the summer with shorts and a tee, and in the winter with skinny jeans and a sweater. They come in black as well, and are a definite staple in my wardrobe.

I just purchased these Jeffrey Campbell spiked lita platform boots and can stare at them all day long. I haven’t gotten a chance to wear them yet, but I can’t wait to return to Emory and be rocker chic with these beauties! Statement pieces like this are a great way to edge up any outfit.

While technically the Summer is over soon, down in Hotlanta the hot weather continues into the Fall. These breezy, Sam Edelman studded gladiator sandals are great for beating the heat, and the gold studs make them trendy and cool.

Thanks to Sam and Jeffrey we can stud it up all year long!

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