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Last Sunday as I was watching the Emmys, I was actually screaming at the screen when Bryan Cranston and Jon Hamm lost “Best Actor” to Damian Lewis (Homeland). But once I saw that Homeland won “Best Actor”, “Best Actress”, and “Best Drama”, I decided to drop my Breaking Bad and Mad Men pride and give the show a shot.

Thank god I did.

Homeland is one of the best shows I’ve seen in years. It’s on par with The Sopranos and Breaking Bad, and even better than Mad Men. The plot of the show in the most basic terms possible (it’s VERY complicated), is that Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis) returns home after being a prisoner of war in Iraq for eight years, and Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) is a CIA agent who believes he was turned and is plotting an attack on America. The show sets Brody and Carrie up as the two heroes of the show, and you are constantly wondering whom you should be rooting for. You see Brody with his children and his wife (who started an affair with his best friend while he was presumed dead), and then you see him praying in Arabic in his garage. You aren’t sure whether Brody is brainwashed or suffering from PTSD, but most of all you aren’t sure whether Brody is a good guy or a bad guy. Carrie also suffers from schizophrenia, so you are constantly wondering whether her paranoia about Brody is warranted or just a result of her mental illness. I could go on about this show for hours, but instead you should all just stop reading right now, get the first season, and start watching.

Just make sure you block out 13 hours of your day, because you will want to watch the entire season in one sitting.


Food for Thought

The other day I was talking with my best friend Jess about college, and we were wondering why every adult says college were the best days of their lives. As someone in college, it’s sometimes hard to believe that that’s true. Don’t get me wrong- living with my best friends, having no economic responsibilities, and going to parties every weekend isn’t exactly a chore. But being under the pressure to casually choose what I want to do for the rest of my life, living away from my family, and having to deal with immature college boys isn’t exactly fun and games all the time either.

Eventually we realized that looking back on college is really the best time of your life- not necessarily living through it. Of course all of the embarrassing and immature things we are doing now will seem funny in thirty years.  All experiences just seem better retrospectively- because life only gets more complicated as you get older, and the past always looks easier.

Basically, all of the pressure pop culture (and old people) puts on us to be having the best time of our lives is stupid…this might be college, but it’s also still reality.

What do you think?

Fall Fashion

Go to ET Week Pub and check out my latest article on Fall Fashion!

High Holidays, High Fashion

Shanah Tova to my fellow Jews! As we head off to our respective services, family dinners, and break-fasts this season many of us will wonder how to dress conservatively for the high holidays but also stay trendy. Fear not- it is possible to look classy and cool!

Who cares that it’s Fall? Dress in bright, bold colors to make a statement. You can also have fun with your shoes and accessories to make even the most boring outfit seem fun and fashionable. Pair your outfit with a cute bag and you will look both ready to meet a nice Jewish boy’s parents, and grace the pages of Teen Vogue. Use my roomie Margaux’s chic outfit for chabad as inspiration!

We are the chosen people for a reason, dress the part!

…You Got Me

“You got me”… The three little words that ended the season finale of Breaking Bad (in the form of a flashback), and the three little words that will change everything.

Oh. My. God. I had to re-watch the ending of the finale episode multiple times in order to fully absorb the fact that Hank has realized who Walter is. The jig is up- and next season will likely be all about the chase and (probably) eventual capture of Heisenberg: Walter White.

There has been a lot of mixed reviews about the last episode. Some critics loved it and felt that it has set next season up to be the best yet, and others thought it was an easy cop out: the evidence Hank has been searching for for five seasons was found on the top of Walter’s toilet. Personally, I thought it was brilliant. The evidence was right under Hank’s nose the entire time, and he finally saw it while taking a shit. The finale was exactly what I expected in a manner that I never expected.

While I can’t wait for next season and am dying to see how this genius show will conclude, I also can’t imagine my life without Breaking Bad and am mildly depressed (no, extremely depressed) that next year will be this show’s last. How do you think it’s all going to tie up? I have so many guesses but I know none of them are right so I am just going to wait to see what the writers have come up with. I have a feeling that the evidence as to how this show will end is also right under our noses… let’s all sit on the toilet and try to figure it out.

Fashion Week Favs

It feels weird to be writing about Fall fashion considering I’m in Atlanta and it’s still BURNING hot out, but I guess I should probably comment on New York Fashion Week.

After stalking the internet to see what I can look forward to wearing in, um, months- I was pleasantly surprised at all of the florals and bright colors I was seeing. It looks like Spring is coming reallllly early this year. Another thing I was delighted to see was fur, fur, and more fur! After seeing all of the colorful fur vests and jackets on the runway (particularly a pale pink Oscar de la Renta fur vest that I would die for) I feel confident that I will be trendy rather than drag-queen-like this season.

Pieces with a lot of texture such as feathery skirts (my favorite was an Alice + Olivia Feather-Skirt dress) and tons of leather jackets were also pleasant surprises. The only trend I am seeing over and over that does not necessarily please me are lots of hats (I am not a hat person). But I have a feeling those might not start appearing until Winter, so I am safe for now. What were your favorite parts of Fashion Week this year?

For a Weird Time Call

Last night my friends and I saw For a Good Time Call (the phone sex movie you keep seeing commercials for), and let me just say it was REALLY weird. I would try to summarize the movie but I’m not even really sure what I saw. I could have seen a lesbian tale of two girls who formerly hated each other that fall in love because they both like having phone sex, or I could have seen a chick flick about two girls trying to make some extra cash who start a phone sex line. I’m really not quite sure. All I know is that my friends and I were those obnoxious girls laughing out loud in the theater, but it was impossible not to. Supposedly the girls in the movie were just friends, yet they got in a fight because one of them said I love you and the other didn’t say it back. They also stared into each other’s eyes at one point and then slept in the same bed and it was like, awkward in the morning. I actually recommend seeing this movie because it was so ridiculous that it was entertaining. If anyone understood this movie, please comment. Enjoy.

Sidenote: The girl from My Big, Fat, Greek Wedding was in this movie and it made me wish I was watching My Big, Fat, Greek Wedding.

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