The Other Great Depression

After being bored for weeks on winter break, my sister and I decided to re-watch some Curb Your Enthusiasm episodes (aka re-watch every Curb episode) on HBO Go. After watching for a little bit, I learned that comedian Richard Lewis, who appears on the show every now and then, is best friends in real life with Larry David. In fact, they met nearly 45 years ago at summer camp. I decided to research their relationship a little more on my own, and once I saw that Richard Lewis wrote an autobiography (published in 2008) I immediately bought it on Amazon (I have a minor obsession with autobiographies #sosueme).

All I knew about Richard Lewis before starting the book is that he is best friends with Larry David, and he is a recovering alcoholic. And now that I have finished the book, I feel as though I know every, single thing about him.


The book, The Other Great Depression, is written casually and conversationally, allowing you to really feel as though you are in the complicated and tortured mind of this troubled comedian. You experience his descent into severe alcoholism (and slight cocaine addiction) directly through his eyes: it is truly fascinating. Without a doubt the greatest thing about this autobiography is you feel like Richard Lewis is simply telling his life story to you over lunch, it really doesn’t feel like you are a reading a book at all.

Go pick this book up now. It’s prettay, prettay, prettayyyyy good.


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