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Mad Men Season 6 Premiere Recap

Now that I’ve watched the Mad Men season 6 premiere, “The Doorway”, a total of 6 times (I swear I have a life) I feel that I can now comment on it. The amount of times I watched it may seem excessive, but that two hour episode was really a doozy.

When the episode started with Dr. Rosen trying to revive the doorman in Don’s building who had a heart attack (who is Little Carmine to all my Sopranos fans out there!), I have to admit that when I first saw it I thought he was raping someone. I’ve probably seen one too many Law & Order: SVU episodes which would explain why my sick and twisted mind went there immediately… oh well.

heart attack

In any event, the scene abruptly transitioned to Don and Meagan in Hawaii. I used to really like Meagan, but was anyone else totally turned off to her character during the Hawaii scene(s)? Like I get she’s fun-loving, and young, and smokes a lot of weed, but she reminds me of girls my age who try to come across as “super chill” and “bro-y” all the time. Just stop.


Anyway, while they were in Hawaii Don came across a really wasted guy from the army who was celebrating his bachelor party at the bar. When Meagan went outside the next morning she saw Don participating in the wedding on the beach and didn’t think that was at all REALLY weird. She was probably just really high.

Next we caught up with Betty and Henry at the movie theater with Bluto (FAVORITE CHARACTER), Sally, Sandy (Sally’s friend), Bobby (still annoying), and Gene (still random). Arguably the weirdest scene not only of this episode, but of the entire series, was Betty encouraging Henry to rape Sandy: “Stick a rag in her mouth, you won’t wake the boys”. Betty has gained weight and lost her mind.

In all seriousness, Betty’s story line this episode made me really sad. Betty used to be gorgeous, enviable, stylish, and cool. Now she is chubby, horribly dressed in outdated ’50’s attire, and brunette. The first few seasons of the show, Sally was always trying to get Betty’s attention and Betty treated Sally like an annoying little sister- constantly pushing her away. The tables have completely turned, with Betty trying to talk to Sally and Sally slamming the door in her face. People are always buzzing about who might commit suicide on the show, and I feel like it might be Betty. Betty has always been unhappy and lonely but at least she used to be pretty, unhappy, and lonely- now she’s just turning into Bluto.

Screen Shot 2013-04-10 at 11.43.53 AM

Meanwhile, at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce everyone has gotten really hairy, with the exception of Pete whose hairline continues to recede. There is also a new, older female copywriter who came out of nowhere, is super annoying, and needs to go away. Ginsberg and Stan have it covered.

Peggy is also settled at her new office and is the “Don” of the agency. She seems to be killing it, and I’m really happy for her. You go Glen Coco.

Sterling has gone from LSD enthusiast to utter disaster. He’s started therapy, and in his “funny” way is actually saying really disturbing things. His mom dies (points to Don who voms during the eulogy) and he doesn’t really react until later when his shoeshine guy dies and he has a complete mental breakdown. It’s going to be a tight race between Betty and Roger to see who can be the hottest mess this season.

At the end of the episode, we get the answer to what everyone’s been wondering since last season ended with Don being asked, “Are you alone?”. Don’s baaaaaack. And he’s sleeping with Dr. Rosen’s wife, who lives in his building. I really don’t blame him, Meagan sucks. He married Meagan with the understanding that she shared his love of advertising, and could be more of an “equal” partner to him than Betty was. The minute Meagan quit advertising, Don emotionally checked out.

mrs rosen

I can’t wait to see where this season goes. It’s the penultimate season, so we know shit’s about to get real. Hopefully next week we can see what developments have occurred in Joan and Pete’s personal lives (Is Trudy still frumpy? Is Joan’s mom still a cougar for the repair man? Has Kevin’s hair grown in a magnificent shade of silver like his daddy’s?). See you next week!

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