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My “Mad Men” Pitch

This morning I sat in my first ever yoga class thinking about Mad Men. It still hasn’t quite hit me that there will never be another new episode of this beautiful and perfect show, and that I have seen all I ever will of these characters lives. I was prepared to write a nostalgic and wistful post about the brilliant finale and how the series personally affected me as a whole. But, and this is not even a joke, I sat in yoga this morning just as Don did in the last moments of the show, and I thought of a better idea. madmen_don_meditating I felt complete closure with each character’s story line (except maybe Betty’s, because it makes me too sad), and I loved that Don’s Coca-Cola pitch was left to the imagination. That being said, below is a list of possible television show/ movie spinoffs that I would deeply enjoy to watch:

Le Mariage

Written and directed by Nancy Meyers, this romantic-comedy is set in France, and follows the nuptials of Roger Sterling and Marie Calvet. A whole slew of characters come together to witness that it is never too late to find true love. Megan brings a young, actor boyfriend as her date; Margaret Sterling leaves her cult to make a surprise appearance; Don brings Sally to make a fun trip of the weekend, but she is shocked when she remembers the LAST time she saw Roger and Marie together!

“A Thing Like That”

What happens when two wealthy New Yorkers decide to pick up and move to Wichita, Kansas? This hilarious sitcom starring Pete and Trudy Campbell! They make new friends, choreograph more dances, and finally buy a new chip-n-dip.

“The Peggy Project”

Similar to “The Mindy Project”, this witty half-hour comedy stars Peggy Olsen as she navigates New York City, her thirties, a new career, and a blossoming office romance. In episode one, Stan finally meets Peggy’s mother and sister! Let’s hope Mrs. Olsen doesn’t find Stan’s stash of weed…

All I Wanna Do 2

This is a sequel to the 1998 film about a 1960’s all girls’ boarding school that starred Kirsten Dunst. This movie is set in 1970’s Miss Porter’s School, and stars Sally Draper who returns from Betty’s funeral determined to honor her mother’s wishes and return to normal life. Things get complicated when a distraught Glenn Bishop hears about Betty and decides to pay Sally a visit…

Ginsberg, Interrupted

He may have lost his nipple, but he hasn’t lost hope.


Exactly like the film Boyhood, but following Gene Draper for the next twelve years of his life.

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