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Spice it Up

I’m just going to get right to it: The Spice Girls killed it at the closing ceremonies. I saw them in concert on their reunion tour when I was in high school and I thought they were amazing then, but this was even better. They sounded phenomenal singing a mash-up of “Wannabee” and “Spice Up Your Life”, and they looked INCREDIBLE. Seriously, I need all of their workout routines so my body can look as sick as theirs’ when I’m that age. When I was little I always wanted to be Baby Spice, but now that I’m older and have come to accept that my Jewish roots prevent me from ever having blonde hair and blue eyes, I think I’m more Posh. She’s also the most famous, went to the royal wedding, and is married to the hottest man alive, so I don’t think being her would be so bad. Here’s their performance if you haven’t seen it yet! My other thoughts during the closing ceremonies were: “I can’t wait to see Fatboy Slim again”, “Jessie J, please leave and don’t ever come back”, and “I’m really enjoying watching the mayor of London and prime minister of the United Kingdom rage together to Spice Girls”.

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Random Beats

Here are some random tunes I’ve been playing over and over lately!


Cruising Tunes

In the summer, I think there’s nothing better than driving, putting the windows down (top down if you have a convertible), turning up your favorite tunes, and jamming out with your friends. Here are some of the songs I’m loving to cruise to this summer.






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