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The Life of Yeezy

Between truly evil maniacs running for President and an article I read yesterday about employers being able to track their employees’ menstrual cycles (sigh), I was actually relieved that I could distract myself with some harmless drama surrounding Kanye West. Yet, at the same time, I disagree with how the media and most of the world are reacting.

For those of you that aren’t caught up (and have lives): West “insulted” Taylor Swift in one of his new songs by claiming he made her famous, supposedly acted like a diva on the Saturday Night Live set, got in a twitter fight with Wiz Khalifa, and begged Mark Zuckerberg for money prior to claiming he is $53 billion dollars in debt.

People, many of whom are most likely biased based on West’s previous delusions of grandeur and general narcissism, are either judging him, laughing at him, or proclaiming that he needs some sort of mental or spiritual help. However, when you break down every recent incident surrounding West, it all actually makes sense: Kanye West didn’t claim to have made Swift talented, he claimed to have made her famous- which he did when he raised her profile after stealing her microphone at the 2009 Video Music Awards. Just because a fact is difficult to hear doesn’t mean it’s false. Also, the same way we all get frustrated and yell at the people closest to us sometimes, West could have just been having “a moment” on the set of Saturday Night Live; we simply don’t know what was really going on and shouldn’t judge him based on an ambiguous recording. Regarding his Twitter fight with Wiz, the fact is almost everything he said was pretty truthful if you are familiar with the two artists’ music. He shouldn’t have attacked Amber Rose, but he apologized later and I am sure everyone has said regrettable things out of spite about an ex-girlfriend or boyfriend. Lastly, admitting bankruptcy and exposing vulnerability is something rare of human beings in general, let alone of celebrities. Especially in the social media age where everyone is portraying perfection, I actually respected Kanye’s revelation.

So, to bring this article full circle- in a world where people running for public office are spewing harmful, untrue, and quite frankly frightening rhetoric, I think everyone can be entertained, amused, or amazed by Kanye West, but passing unfair judgment and hate is probably best channeled elsewhere. And for people pleading that the artist seeks mental or spiritual help- how the hell do you know he hasn’t done so already? He could be in therapy, on medication, or simply doing just fine. If you aren’t professionally treating Kanye West, don’t comment.

Most importantly, The Life of Pablo is incredible, and Kanye’s latest tweet will hopefully put the haters in their place:

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 11.03.12 AM

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