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Five Thoughts to Start Your Day

As the grind of the new school year picks up, I know we can all use a little “pick-me-up” every now and then. Here are the five thoughts I try to remember every morning to start the day on a positive note:


  • Can you remember what you were doing on this exact day, at this exact moment, five years ago?

Hint: the answer is always no. This reminds me that as stressful as life might feel at the moment, or as shitty as things can sometimes seem, you can’t over-dramatize the present. One day, the very thing causing you to overthink and lose sleep will be nothing but a distant memory. Just handle things the best you can, and keep everything in perspective.

  • Think about the most annoying task you have to do today, and think of something fun to do right before, and right after.

This will probably be different for everyone, but for me usually involves television (if you couldn’t tell by my blog, I kind of like television). My example for today is that I have to read a chunk of The Republic by Plato and write a response to it. So I will get an iced coffee (another tip: iced coffee cures absolutely everything), and watch an hour of my favorite show (really into nostalgia at the moment, so I’m re-watching My So-Called Life #angst). Then I’ll crank out the assignment, and reward myself with another hour of TV when it’s over.

  • Pick one thing you’re looking forward to.

Again, this will obviously be different for everyone. For me, I am really looking forward to going home in late October for a family member’s 30th birthday party. Just by focusing on this one event I am looking forward to, it keeps me motivated and in the positive. This thing could also be something small, like the AHS: Freak Show premiere October 8th. Check out the full trailer here… I can’t wait.

  • Download the iPhone ap “Quote of the Day”.

Downloading the iPhone ap “Quote of the Day” has literally changed my life. It allows you to set a time every day that your phone vibrates and you receive a new inspirational quote of the day. I set mine for 9:00 am, when I usually get up every morning. Today’s quote was: “Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a new ending”. Reading an inspirational quote the minute you wake up is like taking a happy pill to get your day started.

  • Think of something funny!

It is easy to get wrapped up in our own lives and take things too seriously. But keeping things light and having a good sense of humor is just as important as checking everything off of your to-do list. Today I thought of the time in high school when a teacher in study hall called my sister Hitler because she interrupted his story, and told her to sit in the back of the classroom. She refused, and he told her to go to the principle’s office. I ran out after her, and then the teacher chased us down the hallway. That teacher wound up getting fired, but picturing my sister and I running down a high school hallway after being compared to Nazis will always make me laugh.

Have a great day everybody!


Food for Thought

The other day I was talking with my best friend Jess about college, and we were wondering why every adult says college were the best days of their lives. As someone in college, it’s sometimes hard to believe that that’s true. Don’t get me wrong- living with my best friends, having no economic responsibilities, and going to parties every weekend isn’t exactly a chore. But being under the pressure to casually choose what I want to do for the rest of my life, living away from my family, and having to deal with immature college boys isn’t exactly fun and games all the time either.

Eventually we realized that looking back on college is really the best time of your life- not necessarily living through it. Of course all of the embarrassing and immature things we are doing now will seem funny in thirty years.  All experiences just seem better retrospectively- because life only gets more complicated as you get older, and the past always looks easier.

Basically, all of the pressure pop culture (and old people) puts on us to be having the best time of our lives is stupid…this might be college, but it’s also still reality.

What do you think?

Lace it Up!

Hello World!

Hi everyone! So excited to have just launched this blog! Look out for lots of new fun posts coming soon! xx


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